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Cornhole Rules

A Cornhole court is a rectangular area 8 ft. wide and a minimum of 42 ft. long. Each board is placed 27 ft. away from each other. Pitcher must remain in 4×3 ft. pitcher area on either side 

Cornhole Rules

Gentech Products

Our Cornhole Lanterns are colorful and bright and allow you to play into the night. Our lights come in 5 great colors and highlight the artistry that is put into creating Cornhole boards. 

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Bring Your Boards to Life!

Score a point and make some noise!

What is it?
A motion sensor that conveniently mounts under your board.
What does it do?
When a bag passes through the cornhole, the sensor is triggered and plays your favorite song or sound!
Like what?
College fight songs, professional team songs, fireworks or even sirens!
How do I do it?
Record and download from a computer or Smartphone. It’s that easy.