Installing Sound of Victory




  1. Position the Sensor just above the hole on the underside of the board. The “EYE” of the sensor should be positioned above the center of the hole aiming down towards the front the board.
  2. Secure the Sensor with the wood screws provided.
  3. Position the Battery Enclosure near the Sensor and secure with the wood screws provided.

Battery Replacement

  1. Slide the battery enclosure cover and remove.
  2. Insert THREE A-A batteries (not included).
  3. Replace cover.


A recording can ONLY be EIGHT Seconds MAX. in duration. Multiple recordings can NOT be saved. A recording WILL be erased when a new recording is recorded and also when the red record button is depressed.
  1. Slide the on/off switch on battery enclosure to on position.
  2. Plug the recording cable (provided) into the sensor and the device of the recording.
  3. Depress and hold the red recording button on the sensor.
  4. Release recording button to stop recording.
The LED recording light will light, indicating that a recording is in progress.
The sensor is NOT waterproof. DO NOT submerge in water or leave in rain for any length of time.