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Cornhole Lantern Review
There is nothing better at a backyard BBQ or tailgate than cornhole…we all love it.  Well, the Cornhole Lantern company has just taken corhole to the next level with their Cornhole Lantern and Sound Machine.  This creative product allows for you to continue your cornhole domination into the wee hours of the morning thanks to the LED rings that illuminate your cornhole boards for night playing. The rings easily attach to the underside of the board and uses a 9 volt battery to power each ring.  A simple on/off button controls when you would like your light ring activated.  The glowing lights come in five different colors – white, yellow, blue, green and red.  I was surprised at how well the rings light up the board.  We played for a 20 minutes in pitch dark and had no problem seeing the board.  I have to admit, it was kinda cool playing in the dark but a little hard to find our dark brown bean bags. HA! Now if that wasn’t awesome enough, they also created a sound machine for the boards….GENIUS!  I absolutely love this component and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to at first, but I’m a fan.  There is a small sound box with a  sensor, that runs on three AA batteries, that you attach to the underside of your board with the sensor facing the hole.  When the bean bag successfully falls through the hole, the sensor activates the sound machine and your prerecorded “sound” is played.  That is what I like the most…you get to determine what is played when the sensor is activated.  It can be any music, sound, saying, etc. up to eight seconds long. Programming is very easy to do.  The company provides you with a cord that you attach to the sound machine and the device you are using for the sound.  I used my iphone and recorded the chorus of All About The Bass and it was very simple.  I just plugged in the cord to both the sound machine and my phone and held down the record button on the device while I pushed play on my phone to play the part of the song I wanted recorded.  Once I was done recording I detached the cord and it was ready to go.  Simple as that.  The clarity of the box is pretty good and volume is loud enough to hear from the other board. Pros: Clever new item that most people don’t have, lots of colors for the light ring, create your own sounds, easy to set up, allows you to play cornhole any time of day. Cons: The full set up requires eight batteries…depending how long the batteries last, this might not be that bad. Overall this is a fun product and I think the sound machine is a clever surprise for your friends when playing cornhole.  I’m already thinking of funny things to have it say or do next time our friends come over.  And being able to play day or night is great.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to add a little creative coolness to their cornhole experience….it promises to be a conversational piece. One thing to note: It states on the packaging that the products can not be wet so make sure you don’t leave it out if you are expecting rain or live near the beach where you often get an overnight marine layer.  


No matter what part of the country you come from, cornhole is by far and away the most popular and well recognized tailgating game out there in the parking lots. You would be hard pressed to find any tailgater worth their weight in BBQ sauce that doesn’t enjoy a good game of cornhole. The only problem is that while tailgating, you have to suspend the game due to darkness. We recently discovered Cornhole Lantern, formerly called Bag-O-Lantern, and wanted to test it out to see if cut the mustard.
As you can see in the above photos, the Cornhole Lantern is made up of a collection of eight high brightness colored LED lights that are arranged in a circle pattern that encompasses the hole. The LED’s are encased in a high impact, clear acrylic with a gloss white back reflective surface to help distribute the light evenly up towards the top of the board. Regarding the Cornhole Lantern, we really liked the product and found it to be all that it has been cracked up to be. The light was bright and allowed players to easily see their target. Also, installation was very easy and quick. All you need is a phillips head screwdriver and you can have both Cornhole Lanterns installed in about five minutes. Before receiving the sample Cornhole Lantern I was concerned that the light would somehow reduce the size and diameter of the 6″ hole on regulation cornhole boards. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Cornhole Lantern does not reduce the size of the hole so you cornhole purists out there can rest assured you do not need to adjust your playing style if you are going to use these. Another benefit is that because the Cornhole Lantern attaches to the underside of the board, around the hole, using this product will not alter your game play. The surfaces of your boards remain unchanged so if you are more of a “slider”, you don’t have to worry about a foreign object affecting the way your bags slide on the cornhole boards. After thoroughly testing and reviewing the Cornhole Lantern we here at Tailgating Ideas have given them the “Tailgate Approved” stamp. The Cornhole Lantern comes as a set of two circular lights each with a battery compartment. Five colors are available: white, blue, green, red, and amber.